We are experts in building modern apps + AI as a service + Blockchain as a service

CompuMatrice, headquartered in Dallas is a software services company that specializes in building modern apps, AI as a service and Blockchain as a service. In 2018 and 2017 CompuMatrice was a recipient of Inc 5000 award (Listed in top 5000 fastest growing private companies in America). In 2017, it also got the Dallas 100 award (Listed in top 100 fastest growing private companies in Dallas)

Why Us

We often get asked why us? We think our Clear Mission, Budget Friendliness, Transparency, Founder Involvement and Intellectual Property (IP) Protection sets us apart

Mission: Founded in 2011, we have served many midmarket customers. In that process, we realized that many fail to create right valuation in the tech play department because of their inability to create solutions using right technologies, advanced analytics and tighter application & data security. Our mission became to help these clients increase their tech play valuation by building modern enterprise grade custom apps for them, using specific AI services, and blockchain powered solutions

Budget Friendliness: Clients can hire a contractor or employee to do niche work on AI or Blockchain. But, it can be very expensive. Either there is a high hourly cost or there is the shelling of equity. Also, if the personnel leaves, companies get in massive trouble. Small companies often go after outsourcing shops out of India, South America or elsewhere. Nothing wrong with that approach. It can be cheap but many times it becomes penny wise, pound foolish. The lure of cheap labor comes with need for providing dedicated client personnel who can oversee day in – day out work at odd hours. Many clients get burned and come to us.We know that although startups and small & medium businesses maybe tomorrow’s giants, today they are typically short of cash. We bring in exceptional skill sets in app dev, AI and Blockchain at an aggressive price point

Transparency: Most founders and founding team gets one or two shots at glory. They need to be in control and get more updates than big enterprise customers. Our jira and confluence based process provide just that, real time transparency. Also, Small firms with ambition of being tomorrow’s giant have great ideas. But team lacks software product building skills. We bring that in place not only in building, but coaching and guiding to make success happen at every product development stage gate

Founder Involvement: Remote work is fantastic but when push comes to shove, investors and founders want to meet people who can resolve disputes. Our founders and managers are Dallas based. They drive or fly to meet clients and investors

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection – IP is everything to software founders. We start with Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) followed by rock solid Statement Of Work (SOW) that helps protect IP for the clients

Our Founders

Anirban Dutta CEO

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Anirban Dutta has over 15 years’ Experience in sales, partnership development, structuring deals and developing innovative industry solutions

Sandeep Junaghare COO

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Sandeep has over 17 years of Experience in operations, development and deployment of software products and solutions