App Testing

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Front End Testing

  • Front-end Testing is testing or verifying the frontend functionality, GUI, and Usability.
  • The main aim of Frontend testing to make sure that every user is well-protected from bug

Database Testing

  • Ensures Complete Correctness & Health of the Application
  • Increases Confidence in the Application
  •  Reduces Future Risks Data Integrity, Accuracy of Business Rules, Database Mirroring
Run And Maintain Services
Run And Maintain Services

Automated Testing

  • Automate for great success Introduce continuous testing under the radar and let your scripts do the talking on a couple of test devices you have lying around the office
  • We have ready script using Selenium, Robotium, Appium, Cucumber etc

Manual Testing

  • Keep your devices close will help to find more functionality issues
  • Time management is key Manual testing helps there
  • Always review functionality will help to reduce the bugs
  • Always review user experience
  • Keep hardware in mind helps find performance
Run And Maintain Services
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