Sophisticated Descriptive & Predictive Analytics

Visual Analytics for everyone

There is a lot of chaos around the word Big Data. But, it is really quite simple on how it is structured. We support both harness and harvest within Big Data.


This is the process of data gathering, data warehouse, data processing, ETL, offloads & replacements to Hadoop, Log processing, security & access control, operations and recovery. Our team has built, tested and integrated data clusters from Hortonworks, MapR, Cloudera and DataStax.


Harvest can be divided into Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive domains. Our background in building intelligent dashboards have obviously forayed us into providing key harvesting activities for our clients: gathering, visualization, “what is” reporting and query. However, our clients are getting true value from us as opposed to pretenders when it comes to predictive elements of big Data harvesting. We built pattern recognition and Modelling based on key industry performance metrics. We have worked with Spark, R, Mahout, MapReduce and Weka. Prescriptive practices are in nascent stages and we are observing and learning about it at this point.