Our Engagement Process

Our engagement process is extremely simple, which can be divided into four parts. It starts off with Initiation phase

Plug & Play Solutions

We run into clients all the time who has a product in place. But all they need is to add some very clear tangible components like adding geofencing. Our “Plug & Play Solutions” provides several industry specific and cross industry plug & play solutions. We take our code base and integrate it with yours

Time & Material With Cap

We come across firms that want us to build a minimum viable product (MVP) or a full product. The documented development scope ranges from none to somewhat going all the way to very well. We provide a time and material with a cap model for these work. The client gets a +/- 10% variance final cost before work begins. If scope expands, we inform the client of additional man hours increments. Our goal is to deliver a viable product at an attractive price point

Team Extension

We see this model more with mid market clients rather than pure startups. The client already has a team and a defined delivery model. They need some specific resources with certain skills like AI, Blockchain etc. to work for them. They hire our resources based on a monthly fixed cost, hourly cost, weekly cost etc.


Retainer is another popular model. Startups sometime have a fixed budget per month. But they cannot hire different resources and cannot specify up front how much work would be needed by each type of resource. For an example, startups want to pay for 160 hours per month. But they want some project management, some UI design, some data scientist work etc totaling 160 hours a month. We provide that flexibility for our clients

Run & Maintain

This is purely support model. We keep the lights on and do some enhancements on the product. The charge is a fixed fee per month
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