Our Work Process

We work on web and mobile software development projects. So? What sets us apart is that we not only start from concept and create, but we do not run away from maintaining what we created. We continue to provide ongoing descriptive and predictive analytics for you to gain the edge. Yes, we are fortune tellers

Our engagement process is extremely simple, which can be divided into four parts. It starts off with Initiation phase


- Client contacts us by filling out a form in our website, calling us or emailing us to have an initial discussion. We sign NDA to protect client IP. We have standard NDA that is used by most of our clients


– We set up a free exploratory meeting or as series of meetings to understand scope. Is our client looking to buy a an industry plug & play solution. Or, is the client looking for custom dev. Does the AI suggested by client enough to do the job? How about data security, can Blockchain be used. We play the role of expert technical architect providing valuable feedback. At the end of all the meetings, we provide a no obligation Statement of Work (SOW) detailing engagement model, scope and price. If the client agrees to engage with is, a SOW gets executed and we move to the next stage

Engagement Start (Week 1-2)

- The first phase of Knowledge transfer (KT) activities begin. The technical design document gets build in this phase. The daily / weekly update calls gets scheduled, escalation path gets setup. The client point of contact and our project lead creates a “two in a box” model to move work forward

Engagement Build (Week 2 on)

– The build phase is where most of the work gets done. The dev and test environments are setup. We implement strong Jira, Confluence and RCA process to follow agile led dev

Run & Maintain

- The run & maintain phase is where we provide ongoing support, as to keep the lights on so to speak. We manage the environment, product and do enhancements
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